Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching is a way of teaching you in your own environment and helping you confidently develop skills and improve the health and beauty of your garden.

Working with a garden coach is not like choosing a landscaping company.  Instead of a crew coming in and installing an entire garden in a day or two, a garden coach teaches you how to nurture and maintain your garden.

Coaching is a collaborative process with personalized advice and hands-on training.   My goal is to share my knowledge, demystify gardening and empower you to be a better gardener.

The benefits of coaching sessions include:

  • Learning new skills and  building your confidence
  •  Learning how to plant and care for your plants without chemicals and pesticides
  • Learning how to create a garden that looks good while being easy to maintain
  • Increasing  your knowledge of plants and insects
  • Having a resource who knows the planting zone and has years of gardening experience to offer
  • Having someone provide new design suggestions and ideas
  • Saving money by doing it yourself and maximizing the potential of your existing plants
What we will do

I will work alongside you demonstrating proper techniques for a multitude of garden tasks.  These can include:

  • Plant identification (What is that shrub anyway?)
  • Plant selection (What plant will grow in that shady, dry spot?)
  • Plant placement (Where should I put my new lilac?)
  • Plant purchasing (Where can I get healthy, high quality plants and what do I look for?)
  • Planting (What is the right depth?)
  • Soil improvement (Do I need to add peat moss or lime?)
  • Transplanting /dividing (Can I move my peony and when?)
  • Pruning and deadheading (Can I make that shrub smaller?)
  • Mulching (What mulch should I buy and how deep should it be?
  • Watering and irrigation (How can I avoid having to water all the time?)
  • Plant problems (Why is my hydrangea wilting?)
  • Insect problems and identification (Is that a good bug or a bad bug?)
  • Proper tool selection and care (What is a garden knife?)
  • Identification and removal of invasive plants (What is that vine taking over my garden?)

Garden coaching is $50 per hour (one hour minimum).     A typical coaching session takes one to two hours.   We can tailor the amount of time to your schedule and circumstances.  Mileage charges may occur depending on the distance from Shelton, CT.