Garden Design

Garden design services are needed when a garden is in need of extensive renovation or the installation of new beds.

The process starts with a site visit.  I will meet with you to understand what you would like to accomplish and the scope of the design effort.     I will give you a preliminary estimate of the number of hours required for the work.

The next step is to create a mock-up to help you visualize the new design.   This helps you to see size, color, and structure before we ever talk about plants.  This is a collaborative, iterative process and I will gather your thoughts, desires and preferences throughout the process.

Click here to see some examples:   Garden Design Examples

Once the visual design is complete, I will put together an overall design document with a planting plan, plant material and price lists and other recommendations.

Garden design services are $75 / hour.  Mileage charges may occur depending on the distance from Shelton, CT.